Dark Hero Clothing has been in the tattoo streetwear industry for many years. The first independent label on the Gold Coast to open brick and mortar sites, starting with our first 200sq metre store in a major shopping centre to our concept and pop up stores in the heart of Surfers Paradise - we set out to bring more awareness to the independent artists out there, However after witnessing first hand the disgusting truths of the overseas sweatshops in China followed by the increase in the popularity of fast fashion I returned home from my travels wanting much more for the Dark Hero Legacy.

I made the choice to close the store fronts & create the "MADE FRESH" workshop dedicated to the anti sweatshop movement and in house production. To make Dark Hero Clothing 100% independently manufactured & to start a movement with the artists and creators wanting to produce ethically and locally.

We work closely with many fair trade and anti sweatshop groups to stay focused on a common - goal to give our customers not only a genuine product but also bring light to the fact that fast fashion is a growing epidemic. When you purchase a Dark Hero product you make a choice to SAY NO TO FAST FASHION !!!

Wear your clothing proudly and always ask the question ..... " who made my clothes? "